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The Grenta Wedding Bureau
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Hello, we're the Gretna Wedding Bureau. We offer fantastic wedding packages at some of Scotland's most famous and beautiful wedding venues. We opened our doors over 40 years ago, and today we're one of the busiest wedding planners in the country, helping thousands of couples each year, create their dream wedding in Gretna Green or one of the nearby Scottish Castles. The secret of a great wedding is great planning, and as Scotland's longest established independent wedding planners, we guarantee you the very best service. All of our Gretna Green suppliers are the best at what they do and our long standing relationships with them allow us to offer you the very best prices along with complete peace of mind.

The Gretna Wedding Bureau
About Gretna Green

For Over 250 years, Gretna Green has endured as the Wedding capital of the U.K

Located on the old coaching route between London and Edinburgh, Gretna Green was the first village reached once you entered Scotland. After Lord Hardwick's marriage act in 1754 outlawed marriage in England without paternal consent before the age of 21, young couples started to elope 'over the border' to Gretna Green, where they could be married at 16 years of age.Many an infamous 'chase' has taken place along that old coaching route to Gretna Green, and there are many legendary tales of furious fathers in pursuit throughout the night, always reaching Gretna Green just a little too late. The residents of the small village of Gretna Green were well know for helping run-away couples and many an inn and watering station along the route could be counted on to, 'accidentally' delay any pursuers, allowing the couples to safely reach Gretna Green.