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Caerlaverock Castle
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One of the most atmosheric and romantic venues in Scotland, only twenty minutes from Gretna Green
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About Caerlaverock Castle

One of the most atmosheric and romantic wedding venues in Scotland, only twenty minutes from Gretna Green.  Considered one of the country\'s strongest castles, Caerlaverock is built as a triangle with huge towers on each corner, surrounded by a moat.  It is one of Scotlands finest historical ruins and could prove to be the spectacular backdrop to your wedding.  Arriving at the castle you and your party can be piped over the drawbridge and through into the great hall for your open air ceremony.  The freedom of the Castle and it\'s grounds are then yours to enjoy and offer fantastic locations for wedding photography. 

History of Caerlaverock Castle

The castle\'s turbulent history owes much to its proximity to England which brought it into many border conflicts.  The Maxwell family, who built Caerlaverock, enjoyed peaceful prosperity there until it was besieged in 1300 by Edward I.  The castle was partly destroyed in 1357, but repaired by the 1370s. 

During the 16th century Caerlaverock featured in Anglo-Saxon conflict until James VI\'s accession to the English throne brought peace to the Borders for the first time in centuries. The truce collapsed with the 1640 Civil War and the final siege at Caerlaverock came when the Royalists surrendered to the Covenanters after a siege of 13 weeks.

It was demolished by crumbling the south wall and tower, which remain destroyed to this day. The castle fell into ruins but it still remains one of Scotland\'s finest.

  • Caerlaverock is a ruin and has limited covered areas in the event of rain.  This is not too much of a problem, but one to be aware of with larger parties. 
  • The castle is a heritage site and as such is open to the public, so there may be tourists in the vacinity during the wedding.