Gretna Weddings
3 Steps To Your Wedding
Gretna Green & Scottish Castles, the UK's most popular wedding destination

3 simple steps to start you on your dream wedding, and we are always here to help

1. Legalities.

Any two people can marry in Scotland, as long as they ...

  • * Are both over 16 years old
  • * Understand the ceremony & consent
  • * Are not already married!
  • * Have two witnesses, also over 16
All you need is your ...
Birth Certificates or an official copy (ie. one made by a registration office) and if you have been married before, you'll need your Decree Absolute

2. Pick Your Date.

Choose one of the Wedding Venues and a date you'd like to get married. Get in touch with us and we can check availability and hold a date/time for you at the venue.

Then choose your Wedding Package and pay your deposit.

You can do this by phone, or you can do everything online at the Wedding Packages page.

3. The Paperwork.

Once you've booked your date/time, you both fill out separate marriage notice (M10) forms, which you can download them here.

These are sent to the Gretna registration office no sooner than 3 months and no later than 28 days, before the ceremony with your birth certificates and, if you've been married before, your decree absolute.

A marriage schedule is then drawn up, ready for you when you arrive in Gretna.

If you'd like a Religious Ceremony (Minister)

Their fee is £225 and there is a £100 fee to the registration office for making up the marriage schedule. You have to collect the schedule at the registration office in person (usually on the morning of the wedding). Afterwards, the schedule MUST be returned to the Registry Office within 3 days - or you’ll be doing it all again!

If you'd like a Civil Ceremony (Registrar)

They'll bring the schedule with them to the wedding A registrar costs quite a bit more however, depending on which day you get married; £385 (weekdays) £515 (Saturdays) £581 (Sundays & Bank Holidays) and this includes the Marriage notice/certificate fee.